Save time in the morning with this simple routine

I have two young daughters and between styling hair, getting dressed, finding a matching pair of socks, eating breakfast, and all the other “to do’s”  in the morning, someone is bound to have a meltdown if there is not a solid routine in place. We save ourselves so much time and energy in the mornings just by having a Hanging Closet Organizer.  I’ve been using these closet organizers for years and they have been a lifesaver in my household. Before the weekend is over, I usually have the girls get all their school clothes out for the entire week and organize them into these little cubbies.  If we have sports practice on a particular day, we get those uniforms out as well.  We identify everything from the outfit, to the socks, to the hair accessories, and the shoes.  Having everything laid out the week before saves us time and energy in the mornings and in the evenings. I’ve seen these organizers range anywhere from $5-$25. If you don’t already have one, I recommend that you go out and get one right away.


Hanging Closet Organizer



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