Lose inches overnight for free with these everyday household items


Lose inches using Preparation H and Saran Wrap

Body wraps at a spa or salon can cost anywhere from $50- $200. I’m a frugal girl and I like to save my money. I’m all about sharing with friends and family on how you can save time and money too.  And while a visit to the spa is nice from time to time, you can save yourself $200 on a body wrap and get those same results with two products that you may already have in your cabinets – Preparation H and Saran Wrap. Did she really just say Preparation H? Isn’t that stuff used for hemorrhoids? Yes! Preparation H contains astringents that helps shrink swollen tissues. It reduces inflammation in the bum, but it can also help reduce your inflamed waist (okay, I just made that term up “inflamed waist” but you get the point). You can also use it to shrink other areas of your body as well, like your thighs and your arms. I’ve even heard of people using it underneath their eyes to reduce puffiness, but I don’t know if I would go that far. If anyone has tried it under their eyes, let me know how it works.  But anyways, follow these 5 simple steps to help lose inches on your waist, or wherever else you desire.

  1. Rub a quarter size amount of Preparation H all over your stomach and love handles like lotion.
  2. Tightly wrap your stomach with the Saran wrap. Go around about 6 or 7 times.
  3. This step is not necessary, but I like to wrap a waist trimmer over the Saran wrap to ensure the Saran wrap stays in place.
  4. Let it stay wrapped for about 6-8 hours. (I like to do it at night before bed so my stomach will be nice and flat first thing in the morning)
  5. Remove the wrap, wash the area, and you’re done. (Be prepared to see lots of sweat)

Please keep in mind that results are only temporary. I usually use this method before a big event, like a wedding, or a weekend beach trip. I’ve heard that a lot of body builders will use this method right before they go on stage in order to get the most slimming effect. The results only last for about a day or two, but the price (free!) makes it totally worth it. Even if you have to go out and buy some Preparation H and Saran wrap, you’ll pay less than $10 bucks. Be smart, put that $200 bucks in your retirement account, and start saving.

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