Don’t want to waste space? Make your entryway functional


My husband’s career requires us to move every few years so I find myself having to get rid of some furniture, or add more pieces of furniture to fill different spaces. We recently moved to a new rental house that is a few hundred square feet smaller than our previous house so we had to get rid of a few things, but there is one room in our new house that is significantly bigger than our last house, which is the entryway.  The entryway is big enough to make a small office. Obviously I couldn’t make it an office, but I really didn’t want the space to go unused. I looked on Pinterest for some functional entryway ideas and found some great ones, but ultimately decided to find a storage bench to fill the space.


I took my photo collage from my old house and moved it to the new house. I had to reaarange them to fit the wall, but that was easy enough. Now only if I could move my hardwood floors to the new house as well, it would be perfect, but I digress.

entryway4I searched high and low for this storage bench. I looked in at least 10 different stores, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Either the color was wrong, or the measurements didn’t fit. I ultimately ended up looking on Craigslist and found this barely used storage bench for $250. The dimensions were exactly what I needed and the color was perfect, so I thought it was fate. I was able to negotiate with the seller and ended up paying $160 for this gem. I was so happy with the purchase. I believe it was handmade, but I didn’t verify it. The piece is made of solid wood so it’s very sturdy and well built.


I don’t know exactly what I’ll store in it just yet. I was thinking either some winter coats, blankets, or maybe the kid’s book bags. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.


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