How often should you update your bedroom décor? (Survey)

My 10 year old daughter wants a bedroom makeover. The last time I decorated her room was in 2012, for her 7th birthday. Other than a few minor changes here and there, the overall décor has remained the same. I have no desire to change her room right now, but she says … Continue reading

Don’t want to waste space? Make your entryway functional

My husband’s career requires us to move every few years so I find myself having to get rid of some furniture, or add more pieces of furniture to fill different spaces. We recently moved to a new rental house that is a few hundred square feet smaller than our previous house so we … Continue reading

Save time in the morning with this simple routine

I have two young daughters and between styling hair, getting dressed, finding a matching pair of socks, eating breakfast, and all the other “to do’s”  in the morning, someone is bound to have a meltdown if there is not a solid routine in place. We save ourselves so much time and energy in the mornings just by having … Continue reading