An open letter to my old dear friend


Dear Friend,

Sometimes we get so busy and life takes us in different directions. We move away, change careers, start families, make new friends, life happens…

But I thought about you today as I often do, except this time I decided to write a letter to you.

It seems as though we’ve grown so far apart and everything has changed, when we try to come back together again things just don’t feel the same.

No one did anything wrong, it’s just that I can’t relate to you and you can’t relate to me. This friendship that we once had could never go back to the way it used to be.

You see, when we were younger we were so carefree. Now that we’re all grown up, we have different responsibilities.

We used to talk all night and laugh all day. Now when we get together we don’t have much to say.

So we exchange pleasantries and ask “how has life been?” We don’t know what to say next and neither one of us wants to pretend.

As uncomfortable as it may be, we always try again. Hoping that we don’t say the wrong thing, because we don’t want to offend.

But I say to you my old friend, life happens, and that’s okay. When you have someone that’s dear to you, they never really go away.

So I’ll hold on to those sweet childhood memories and love you from a distance. And if you ever truly need me, I’ll be there in an instant.

And who knows? Maybe one day if we’re lucky we’ll have an opportunity to get to know each other again. But even if we never do, please know that I’ll always think of you as my old dear friend.


Your Friend


Written by: Shanta Noel

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