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Hi, I’m Shanta (pronounced Shontay) and thank you for visiting my website. I am a Life, Health, and Fitness Coach. I believe that everyone should strive to reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life, weather it’s in health, relationships, fitness, or finances. It is my life’s mission to help other people reach their goals so that they can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. In addition to being a Coach, I also serve in the Army Reserves as Human Resource Officer. I’m also a Family and Consumer Science Teacher. I get to teach young people work, life, and health skills that will help prepare them to become successful adults. I have two beautiful daughters and an amazing, supportive husband, who I love dearly. I absolutely love life. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping other people reach their goals.Noel Family Pic

I’m a self-proclaimed busy woman. I always find something to get into, some new project to start, or some activity to obligate myself to. Being busy is a choice, and it’s the only way for me to keep my sanity. But it’s not just me, all my friends are busy too. I think busy is the new normal. But in my pursuit to help people reach their goals, I noticed that “I’m too busy” tends to be the #1 excuse that people use for not reaching their goals. I’m here to encourage you to drop the excuses, because no matter how busy we are, we are never too busy to take care of ourselves and our health and happiness first. In my personal journey, I lost 65 lbs over 8 years ago and have been working hard to keep the weight off ever since. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary for my health and happiness. I created the website www.busybusylife.com to offer a fun, supportive place for busy people to come and get inspiration on life, health, fashion, beauty, fitness, relationships, recipes, and more. I’m sharing all the things I’ve learned throughout the years that have helped me, in hopes that it will help you too. Busy Busy Life is dedicated to helping busy people find balance and live a more happy and healthy life. For more personalized life, health, and fitness coaching, please click here.

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