Late Night Burger with Fried Egg



There’s nothing special about this burger, so why did I post it right? I’m just a real woman doing real life things. There’s nothing fancy about this meal, but I just wanted to give you a simple, late night meal idea.

It was late one night and I got super hungry. I spent all evening working on an project and I literally worked right through dinner. I usually try not to eat too late, in order to give my body more time in a fasted state, but that’s just my personal preference, it’s not a rule. There’s a myth out there that says you shouldn’t eat food past a certain time, and that’s simply a LIE!

It’s not about how late you eat, but more about what you choose to eat when you do eat. If you must eat late at night, stick to some type of lean protein and vegetables and you’ll be okay.

I put some lean ground beef on the George Foreman grill and topped it with some sriracha and a fried egg. I loaded veggies on top and went to work.

I felt zero guilt from this burger. Avoid carbs and sugar and you should be fine!

1 burger = 270 calories


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