6 Things you can do to avoid the winter blues

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Winter is a time for holiday cheer. The Christmas lights and New Year’s celebration usually have people in a good mood during this time of year. Then there are those of us whose mood suffer during the winter months. It’s not the holiday season that we don’t enjoy, but it’s something about the cold air, gloomy days, and the dark skies by 5:00 PM that makes us sad or cranky during the winter months. I’m usually a happy person, but I never could understand why I experienced sadness every year during the cold winter months. After talking to my Doctor and doing a little research on my own, I figured out what I needed to do to boost my mood and avoid those gloomy moments during the cold wintery season. If you suffer from winter blues, try these 6 things to help you get through, and even began to enjoy the winter season.

  1. Sun light. Studies show that low levels of vitamin D is associated with depression.  Sun light is a natural source of vitamin D and getting more of it could help boost your mood. Some days during the winter, the sun will comes out. On those days, I usually step outside from time to time and just let the sunlight hit my face.
  2. Vitamin D Supplements. Whenever sunlight is limited, make sure you get your vitamin D through food or with a supplement. The daily recommended amount of vitamin D is 600 IU. Some foods that are rich in vitamin D are cod liver oil, salmon, sardines, and portabella mushrooms.
  3. Exercise. Not only does regular exercise help you stay in shape, it can also help boost your mood. When you workout, your brain releases several chemicals that work together to make you feel good.

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  4. Music. Music can be a big stress reliever. It has the ability to quickly shift our mood.  Listen to some feel good or upbeat music when you start to feel down.
  5. Meditate. When things in my mind get too chaotic, I take the time to meditate. It’s not something I do everyday, but when I feel a level of stress that starts effecting my mood, I’ll sit down in a chair, with my back straight, and just focus on my breathing and nothing else for several minutes. It can help by clearing your mind and shifting your mood.
  6. Write. Another tip you can use to release unhappy thoughts is to write it down. I started writing in my journal as an adult. It’s a way for me to release whatever frustrating thing is making me unhappy. I’m able to take it out of my head and put it down on paper. Once I put it on paper, I feel the sense that I’m releasing the problem from my mind and transferring the problem onto the paper.

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Sadness can set in at any time of the year.  I try to be mindful whenever I see my mood start to shift and I look for ways to boost myself back up again. It’s not always easy, but I make a conscious effort to avoid feeling unhappy. What are some of the things you do to avoid the blues?


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