11 warning signs that he’s cheating on you.

If you clicked on this article, maybe you are wondering, or have wondered in the past, if your guy is cheating on you. Or maybe you have a friend that is suspicious of her mate, but cannot be 100% certain since she’s never caught him in the act.. To some of us, the warning signs of cheating may be obvious, but other women may be clueless to the facts. If you’re still wondering, here are 11 warning signs that he’s cheating on you.


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  1. He keeps a tight guard on his cell phone. He silences it when he’s around you, and keeps it tucked away in his pocket at all times. He won’t even go to the bathroom without having his cell phone in his possession. I know it’s common for our generation to take our cell phones almost everywhere we go, but when he never leaves it anywhere outside of his reach and panics whenever he realizes he did, then there is definitely reason to be suspicious. When a guy has nothing to hide, he doesn’t think twice about leaving his cell phone laying around. He doesn’t care if you know the passcode to his phone, not so that you can check up on him whenever you want to, but because he knows he has nothing to hide.
  2. He doesn’t care about what you’re doing. You both have a life outside of each other and that’s healthy for any relationship, but when he doesn’t care that you’re taking leisurely weekend trips away from him over and over, and he’s even encouraging you to go, then that’s a tale tell sign that he’s seeing someone else.
  3. He suddenly needs more space than usual. Sure, everyone needs space sometimes, but when his request comes out of the blue and for no apparent reason, then you should definitely question his motives before you agree. Most guys don’t like to be alone for an extended period of time unless he’s either seeing someone else, or he just doesn’t want to be bothered with you anymore. Either way, you deserve better than that, so if he’s asking for more space, and his reasons do not seem logical, give him all the space he needs and leave this jerk.
  4. His interest change. You know your guy like the back of your hand, so when he picks up a new hobby, you tend to take notice. There’s nothing strange or unusual about finding a new hobby, but if he’s being secretive about it, then it should raise a red flag. Especially if he starts to mention new friends that you’ve never met before and he has no intentions of introducing you to them. All of a sudden, he’s going over to Pete’s house to check out his new motorcycle, when you know he hates motorcycles, or he’s going to Pete’s house to play a new video game, when he’s never gone to someone else’s house to play video games before. Since he’s spending so much time with Pete lately, suggest that Mr. Pete and his wife come to the house for a BBQ, and take note of how quickly he dismisses that idea.

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  5. He gets easily annoyed with you. If the way you chew your food or the way you wear your hair seems to get under his skin all of a sudden, there is a strong possibility that he’s got eyes for someone else.
  6. He questions whether or not he wants to be with you. If he questions this out loud, you better prepare yourself for the end. When he starts questioning your relationship out loud, it means that not only is he seeing someone else on the side, but that their relationship is getting more serious. The new woman has already infiltrated the relationship and is starting to take first place in his heart.
  7. He ignores your phone calls for no good explainable reason. When you ask him why he didn’t return your calls or text messages, he comes up with some lame excuse like his battery died or his reception was bad. Okay, the first time you believed it, but after about the fifth time of telling that same story, you need to realize that he’s lying and he’s up to no good.

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  8. You argue more than usual. And when you do argue, he tends to blame you for everything that’s going wrong in the relationship. You two are arguing more lately because he’s spending way too much time away from home. Instead of admitting to his lying and cheating ways, he’d rather deflect attention away from himself and make you believe that your insecurities and argumentative ways are to blame for the relationship problems.
  9. When you question him, he uses it as an excuse to leave. You ask him about his whereabouts late last night or why he ignored your calls (which are all legitimate questions by the way) and instead of answering the question with honesty and sincerity, he makes it seem like you’re delusional and turns around and makes a bigger deal about how insecure you are, and takes it as an opportunity to leave. If he leaves that easily, trust me, he didn’t want to be there in the first place.
  10. His work schedule increases a lot. Some jobs are more demanding than others and that’s understandable. But if he suddenly has to work the overnight shift on a regular bases, or he has to travel for business more often than usual, that’s a red flag that you should look further into.
  11. You have a gut feeling. It’s called female intuition and God gave it to us for a reason. When something about his behavior just doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it because your intuitions are probably spot on. If all the warning signs are staring you in the face, don’t make excuses for his behavior. You deserve more than a man who will lie to you, cheat on you, or cause you to feel insecure. Take enough pride in yourself to know that you are worth more. When you know you’re worth more, you will demand more from him. If he’s not willing to give it to you, you need to be willing to walk away. It’s not worth your happiness or your sanity.


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